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Just Breathe

When I was first diagnosed with muscular dystrophy I attended a pain management course. Part of the course focussed on how to calm your mind at times of stress or fear. The exercise was a simple one and they called it Square Breathing. While there’s lots of information being thrown our way it can become overwhelming and you may find that you can’t do the things you once valued doing like reading, for example, because your mind is under stress and overwhelmed.

One way to reset the brain is to try to interrupt the patterns by

using the breath. Here’s the exercise you can practice anywhere. Imagine a square or look at an object that’s square shaped. Breathe in along the left side, out at the top, in down the right and out at the bottom. Let your eyes follow the lines through imagination or observation.

Repeat this pattern until you feel calmer. It’s not a race although you may feel it is in the beginning until your mind slows down. I’ve found it’s helped me at times and others have messaged me that it’s helped them. Hopefully you’ll be able to get back on track with what you wish to do rather than what your mind dictates you do. It’s also a way to break a cycle of anger or frustration. Use it. It could make your day and those around you so much easier.


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