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Normality and Change

I’ve seen a few posts from people who are struggling to conduct the patterns of normality they’d become used to. I thought I’d write this blog as a way of addressing some of those concerns.

I write from the point of view of a human being who lives with a muscle condition without cure and beyond my control.

Now, more than ever, we are being bombarded with what we should or ought to be doing. Social media is the greatest culprit. I’m reading that it’s the “ideal” time to write that book, get fit, read more, cook more, get a new hobby you name it now is apparently the ideal time. We must educate our children, work virtually, maintain the home - the list goes on. In other words - do more.

It’s as though the act of remaining at home while a pandemic sweeps the world isn’t enough to cope with.

Our mental health is vital to maintain and nurture. This is only the beginning of a long period of challenge and change. If we are permanently engaged in a battle of the mind we’re likely to crash and burnout.

Staying at home is the greatest challenge we all face. It’s also one of the key things we can do. We have to do this for the benefit of ourselves, and others. I appreciate that for some there’s no slowing down or home stay: Carers, emergency workers, shop workers, delivery drivers, public sector workers, all doing valuable work. Without them the country would stop. I appreciate and value everything they are doing.

The biggest act of kindness you can exercise is to yourself. Don’t beat yourself up about what you’re not doing. That won’t help. Where you can be of help, do. Help can come in many forms. The smallest of actions can have the largest affect. You may not see it or get immediate feedback about it, but that shouldn’t be the primary drive to help and of little importance to the act.

If there’s any must you can do at the moment it’s to make sure you engineer a moment in your day to appreciate yourself and that the act of staying at home. It’s the greatest contribution you can make to society right now that really helps others.

This virus is huge in terms of reach but can only be seen by the use of a microscope.

Now is a good time to train the lens on your own mind and understand that to be human is a fragile existence. We need to adopt self-care where we can in order to help ourselves in the long-term and be of benefit to others. Trust me. I’ve learned the hard way through my own health management and I’m still learning!

Take from this what helps. If nothing does then discard it. Be kind, look after yourself and best wishes, IP

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