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Thank You.

I thought today, the anniversary of a year of shielding, would be an ideal time to say thank you.

My safety has only been made possible by the help and sacrifice of so many unsung heroes of public service. There’s too many to mention individually and many I will never meet.

Without their help I wouldn’t have had the option of staying at home. It wouldn’t have been possible. To all of them I pay a huge tribute.

I had a career of service with the police but never wanted to stop when I retired. It was too early for me.

I tried my best to get books out during the pandemic. My small way of being of benefit while you’re stuck at home.

I released How the Wired Weep in 2020.

Fahrenheit Press published Different Strokes, as a Fahrenzine, before the release of the third in the Batford series, Fools Gold.

In 2021 The Book Folks published Latent Damage and Cover Blown. Shots Fired is being edited and will also be published later this year.

I managed to secure an agent, Anna, with a dramatic work of fiction - Driftwood.

Why am I telling you this? Because without the support of so many wonderful people I wouldn’t have been able to bring you anything. A privilege at a time of financial uncertainty caused by a world-wide pandemic.

It’s been a joy to create the stories for you and I’m so thankful for the wonderful publishing teams who have my back. Despite huge financial struggle they didn’t stop. They committed to continue and I’m honoured they published my novels.

I’m indebted to every person who’s bought, read and shared my books. For every review, like/share on social media

or by word of mouth. Thank you.

You make it all worthwhile and I hope I’ve brought you some respite in these times of challenge as I truly value your time. I know how precious time is.

Take care, stay safe and keep reading.

Best wishes


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