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Transition and Change

Updated: Jun 21, 2020

As you are aware I was a copper in The Met Police. A role I performed until I retired in 2015 after twenty-seven years service. Who knew I’d end up writing? Not me. I was supposed to end my career and teach drums. Yes, drums. So what happened?

Muscular dystrophy bit my butt, literally. Standing, for anytime beyond a couple of minutes, became an issue. Stairs were now like Everest. So I decided a career sat on my arse was the way forward as that was where I’d be spending most of my time.

I could no longer lug the drums about and I found myself tiring easily when I played. Music has, and always will be, a huge part of my life. Many songs influence my writing. I will listen to different genres of track depending on the scene I’m creating.

So I switched to learning the fiddle as the instrument’s light, and for now, I can physically manage it. Learning to read music is great for the brain too.

So what am I trying to say about change and transition? It’s inevitable and we have to go with it. Resistance is futile.

There is a caveat though. Whatever you do, make certain you value what you’re doing. Anything less is a waste of life. Now get on and do whatever that thing is.

Have a great weekend.



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